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Ultra Premium CBD Oil – Contains 350mg of pure CBD Oil for each 10ml bottle.  It can be used both as E-liquid and Sublingual.

Vapor X CBD is offering a LED Stand for a 10 bottle purchase to new store accounts.

Green Roads and Vapor X Lounge have partnered together to continue to bring you the original 350mg/10ml (35mg/1ml) bottles available exclusively through Vapor X Lounge!  “Same product, different label!”

Directions (E-liquid form):

#1- Drip 3-8 Drops directly into cartridge or atomizer.

#2- Replace cartridge on atomizer.


Natural Flavor

99% Pure crystalline isolate

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is the major non-psychotropic  cannabinoid derived from the plant Cannabis.  CBD has many holistic benefits that have been reported in a variety of clinical studies and continues to amaze as we discover more.  It has been noted that CBD acts as an antagonist to THC and therefore changes the psychoactive effects of the THC compound.  Cannabinoid receptor type 1 are found primarily in the brain and Cannabinoid receptors type 2 are predominantly found in the immune system.  CB2 receptors appear to be responsible for the anti-inflammatory and possibly other therapeutic effects of cannabis.  THC works primarily on the CB1 receptor whereas CBD works primarily on the CB2 receptors with little effect on the CB1 receptors.

Warning: Contact your health provider before taking this supplement if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription medication or have had liver problems Do not use if under 18 years of age. Keep out of reach of children. May induce drowsiness. At no time should you ever operate any mechanical device while using this product, until you know how it affects you. TAMPER RESISTANT. DO NOT USE IF SEAL IS BROKEN. *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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